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Before trying carrying out AC repair Oakdale CA in the home or office, there several aspects of the air conditioning Oakdale CA you need to know about. When this system breaks down, or a fault develops, a lot of people will try fixing it by themselves minus fully understanding the involved concepts. Nevertheless, it is possible to do basic air conditioner service Oakdale CA when you understand involved principles, even though repairing the HVAC is best when left to professionals.

A typical office or home air conditioner works by simple physics consisting of two units; the evaporator and the condenser. Inside the capacitor, Freon gas is subjected to high pressure then passed via the heat exchanger, eliminating heat from gas and then converting it to liquid. It gets passed through the expansion valve to the evaporator, Freon that is in liquid form expands and then evaporates. Then the heat required for this comes from the surroundings, which then gets cooled. The heated gas by high room temperature goes back to the condenser to remove heat, and the cycle continues.

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The condenser and the evaporator are sealed, and you cannot carry out air conditioner repairs by yourself. You need to look for a professional handling air conditioning Oakdale CA repairs. What you need to do is to keep all things clean and mesh guards on clear debris. It is possible to carry out simple heating repair Oakdale CA by yourself, but not a technical service for the unit. Below are some necessary repairs, service, and troubleshooting tips.

System failing to run

Check the circuit breakers and fuses. In case they are in good condition, make sure that the thermostat is not very high. Try to lower it by five degrees, and if it fails, you will require a professional AC repair company Oakdale CA to help you out.

No cooling

Also, check your thermostat and lower it if possible. If it is not working, check the air intake condenser. It may be blocked especially during the fall if many leaves are flying all over. Check fan fins to make sure that they are straight. In case nothing is working, call the heating and air Oakdale CA to come and fix it for you.

Erratic cooling

For such faults, you need to clean your condenser to some extent, and if that fails, you need to call in an HVAC Oakdale CA repair engineer. It is quite common for the units to get blocked by different forms of vegetation. The condenser will be sitting on the concrete pad. Then you need to make sure that it is level since concrete can break and put the motor from its level. This may affect its operation.

The evaporator and condenser are sealed units, which is why it is hard for amateurs to do their conditioner repair. A dirty or blocked evaporator is a common issue you can fix by yourself. If you have a service that is done by a professional, then you will not experience these issues, except in extreme conditions of when debris and other vegetation can get into the unit.

You can carry out cleaning for the evaporator by yourself by removing the evaporator and insulation access plate, but it is safer and practical to have a contract that will look after everything on regular bases.

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At the end of the day if your home or business is experiencing heating or air conditioning issues Big Bear Heating and Air Conditioning can assist you. Your family or business can count on our top rated Oakdale air conditioning team providing the best ac repair service and price in town!

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